This is the Official Website of the Officially recognized global fan-club of FC Bayern München, “Mia San Worldwide”.

We are FC Bayern ambassadors from all around the world. Our fanclub is a way to collect our whole voices in one, cheering together, celebrating together, and supporting the greatest German club together.

We created a fan-base that shares the same passion and love for FC Bayern Munchen. Over the years, a special bond got formed between our members, a brotherhood that created a worldwide global family of Bayern fans. And although some of us never met each other yet, but we know once we are in the same place another fellow member is in, we’ll definitely get to see each other.

In here, we hope to provide you with not only match-day news but also with interesting tales from FC Bayern’s fantastic history, while also providing some thought provoking articles based upon a variety of topics, all relating to FC Bayern München.

Mia San Mia

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