Meet the new FC Bayern München President; Karl Hopfner

Many Bayern supporters know a little about the new FC Bayern München president Karl Hopfner who got elected to the post until 2016 with 99.6 percent of the votes.

To know a little bit more about who Karl Hopfner is, we made it short and brief:

Karl Hofner (62 years old now) was appointed as FC Bayern Managing Director in 1983 . Hopfner whose name is unknown to many, has contributed to the success of Bayern along with Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to over stand the debt and economic problems in the club back then and establish a system that lead the club to where they are today. his work at the club is considered a prime example of management.

Hopfner was going to leave the Club at the end of 2012 due to health reasons, however later on that year he was elected as Senior Vice President of FC Bayern München before being voted as Bayern President after Uli Hoeness stepped down from the Presidency of the Club in 2014.

Hopfner was a member of the board of the Deutsche Fußball Liga and the German Football Association and also the club commission for UEFA.


2 thoughts on “Meet the new FC Bayern München President; Karl Hopfner”

    1. As the article states, it’s a short brief, just because many supporters know too little about him. Maybe we’ll write one in details in the coming future. Thank you for your feedback Mikael

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